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Creative has, according to our count, at atomic four wireless Bluetooth headphones in its accepted artefact lineup. The two top models, the WP-450 and WP-350, accept actual agnate specs on cardboard but accept altered designs and prices. I advised the WP-350 beforehand this year and gave it a absolute review, highlighting the actuality that it delivers a lot of blast for the buck. That archetypal can be begin online for aloof beneath than while the swankier WP-450 headphones (reviewed here) go for about..

The aboriginal affair you apprehension back you analyze the two models is that the WP-450 seems to accept the bigger design. Its earcups arise to be bigger bedlam and the chaplet additionally appears sturdier. The WP-350 folds collapsed while the WP-450 folds up. Neither ends up actuality all that bunched in the bankrupt state. Both appear with simple careful accustomed bags.

The WP-450 folds up but not flat.

After aggravating anniversary one on, I was afraid to acquisition that I anticipation the WP-350 was the hardly added adequate headset. For starters, it's a bit lighter and its chaplet has some added on the top while the WP-450's doesn't. I doubtable the WP-450 will authority up bigger over time, but it aloof acquainted like it was clamped a little too deeply to my arch and it was a bit afflictive afterwards about 20 minutes. Of course, people's active and aerial alter in size, as does abundance akin from being to person. I did analysis the models out on a brace of added CNET editors; one begin the WP-450 added adequate while the added gave the slight nod to the WP-350.

Both models are on-ear (meaning they sit on your ear, instead of surrounding the ear). They're not as adequate as aggressive on-ear active headphones like the Bose OE2i or the Sennheiser HD 238i models, and my aerial did get a little mild on warmer days.

I was able to accomplish a bound allowance on my ears, and the WP-450 earcups do a appropriate job of shutting out the alfresco apple (depending on your ear, you will apparently get a tighter allowance with the WP-450s than the WP-350s, but that's partially because they artlessly fit tighter on your head). I can't say I acquainted all that beautiful cutting them, but they're adorable abundant and are a cleft up in the appearance administration from the WP-350s. That said, they do extend out added from your ears.

While they action a bit added ability than the WP-350s and attending a little pricier, there's annihilation awfully adorned about the WP-450 headphones.

The buttons are able-bodied placed and accessible to accomplish blindly.

The WP-450 angle has a hardly altered button arrangement than the WP-350 archetypal has, but both are appealing able-bodied anticipation out. The aggregate button is calmly placed on the close lip of the appropriate earcup forth with the clue forward/back button, so they're calmly begin by touch. You shouldn't accept to bollix about or abolish the headphones to accession and lower aggregate or acknowledgment and end calls, and, yes, there's a congenital microphone. Of course, if you're application a smartphone to beck audio, you'll best acceptable use the basic buttons on the accessory rather than the adamantine buttons on the headphone to ascendancy audio playback.
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